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Level 1 (ages 8-12)

Our level 1 classes are tailored for the beginner. That means young athletes who have just started our or have yet to step into the athletic world can benefit from this class as we focus on basic movement pattern and foundational strength. The most important thing our young athletes gain from this class is confidence. Beginners usually have somewhere between 0 and 5 years of athletic experience. 

Level 2 (ages 13-15)

Our level 2 athletes have typically been at it for awhile and range in age from 13-15 years. This class level is for the athlete seeking strength and speed improvements. We also teach these athletes how to move and jump with the most efficiency. As we introduce power movements and age appropriate weight lifting, athletes in this class begin to see HUGE improvements in athleticism at this point in their training.

Level 3 (ages 15+)

Advanced athletes need advanced training. Without neglecting the foundational principles we've introduced at the previous class levels we train athletes in the level 3 class to become EXPLOSIVE! We utilize advanced protocols to sharpen the skills of the more experienced athletes we see in this class. We also utilize olympic style lifting and plyometrics to make sure we maximize every workout. This type of class will prepare the athlete for any high school or collegiate strength and conditioning program. 

Adult Fitness

Sports Performance and The Athlete


Focused on Athletes and Not the Latest Fad

Our workouts are designed to help athletes achieve efficiency in their movements. Once the athlete becomes efficient with their movements and has established the necessary baseline strength, we move them into explosive strength training. If the athlete's goal is to gain strength, we make them stronger. If they wish to become more powerful, we develop their power. If the athlete is seeking to improve their endurance, we will help them build up their stamina. Whatever the athlete's goal is, Flash can help them achieve it.  We use tried and true methods with our athletes to help them become the best athlete they can be.


We will never compromise the integrity of our athlete's bodies by combining explosive movements with high-intensity high-rep training. Our athletes receive optimal rest periods to ensure that they are able to give 100% on every rep. Endurance/high intensity training with minimal rest periods has a place in every workout program but this type of training does not improve athleticism or explosive power on its own. If conditioning is what you seek for yourself or your athlete please contact us for details on our sports conditioning classes.



Every individual is different so every program cannot be the same. At FP we make the necessary adjustments to each individual's program in order to ensure we eliminate weaknesses from their overall performance. We use specificied verbal cues along with repititive technique work to help athletes avoid injury and develop a proper athletic foundation.


There is no better feeling than to see an athlete put forth the effort and then later be rewarded on the field/court.

Learn More At Flash Performance with True Sports Performance Training

Increase your vertical jump…

Decrease your 40 yard dash time…

Improve your reaction time and see the improvements on the court or field…

Injury prevention…


In addition to creating better athletes we hope to create life long athletes by making training fun and enjoyable.


Go to our CONTACT page to setup a time to check us out or call us for details.

Coming in to train?

Download our training waiver here.

One-on-One Training

Are you looking for an incredible experience tailor made just for you?


Our one-on-one training will begin with profile testing in order to establish a performance baseline and identify any muscle imbalances. We take those test results and build a personalized program that will create a better you. Some of the "small" things we will help you improve will make you physically and mentally better. 


Whether you are interested in personal training or sports performance, Flash Performance gives you the best opportunity to enhance yourself and/or your athletic prowess.

Strength Training

A very important part of athlete development is strength training. 


Many high schools have very good coaches and well-designed programs but they lack the one on one attention necessary to really maximize each athlete's potential. Although many coaches work tirelessly with their programs, the shear number of student-athletes that they handle makes it impossible to give each invidual exactly what they need.


At Flash, we provide programs administered by certified strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainers. Sports performance may be our specialty but we train all types of individuals. Once an athlete has mastered most body-weight movements we take them to the next level with resisted strength training.

S.P.E.Q.S. Classes

Everyone knows if you don’t break a sweat you’re not really working out. However, you may not know this, but anyone can make you sweat. Only a real trainer can make you better. You will sweat, you will be out of breath, and at times your muscles will shake from exhaustion, but all of this will be with a purpose. It will be about more than endurance or stamina. All we do will make you better. From warm-ups to cool-downs we are shaping a better you.


Our S.P.E.Q.S. (Strength-Power-Explosion-Quickness-Speed) is a superior speed and agility class that is designed to help maximize our athlete's ability. To ensure that our athlete's move efficiently we consistently preach technique. Proper technique and strength equates to effortless movements that result in superior athletic performances. Learn from our sports performance training methods and see yourself grow as an athlete and a person.

Small Group

This training is very popular amongst our athletes. Small group sessions get the personalized feel of one-on-ones when the athletes that share the group are training for the same sport or general fitness. 


Many times small groups come in with a specific goal in mind and as long as the athletes are prepared for the type of training they seek we can hit the ground running. As with every sports performance training protocol the athletes have to be ready for the training they receive.


We can help you form a small group or you can bring one of your own in. Discounts are available for those who choose to organize their own.

Team Training

Do you have a school or club team that is seeking some sports specific sports performance training?


We can come to you or you can schedule a time to visit us at our facility. We work with club directors and/or coaches to develop training schedules that can help them get the most from their athletes every season.


We are currently training volleyball, baseball, football, swim and basketball teams both on location and at our facility. Our current clients include public and private school teams as well as competitive clubs.

Team training can be priced hourly or on a per athlete basis.



Sports Conditioning Classes Available!

In order to facilitate the demand for high intensity sports related endurance training,  Flash Performance has added a sports conditioning course for small groups and teams. Sports conditioning involves sports specific conditioning that mimics the demands of the athletes' respective sport(s).


To put it in simple terms, these classes will help the athlete maintain a high level of intensity throughout their games and practices. For a more in depth explanation read on.


During our sports conditioning training sessions the work to rest ratio administered by our trainers will look a lot like what the athletes see during actual contest. These classes do not seek to simply wear the athlete out but rather train the proper muscles and energy systems that the athlete will use on the field/court. Although these classes will include some low-intensity power movements their primary focus will be injury prevention and game related endurance. 

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