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Get in Shape with Our Adult Bootcamp, Classes, and Personal Training


If you are reading this you have already taken the first step to adopting a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are looking to get back into shape or you are just starting out, we know that we are the best resource for your fitness journey. 

We want to offer you a gym home that is judgement free and supportive of your efforts. We want to educate you so that you can be your own fitness expert one day. At Flash, you get private and semi-private training at an affordable cost. 

Use our online contact form to get started or contact us via phone or email for more details! 


Join Flash today and get access to our 9,000 sq ft facility that includes a full basketball court, cardio area and weight/cross training area complete with turf. 


Our various memberships offer the following services to you: 


  • Personalized Workouts

  • Weekly Consultations

  • Large Discounts on Additional Services

Our monthly memberships are limited in quantity to ensure that we can provide each of our members with the best possible experience.

It is very important to remember that not just anyone can take you through a proper workout. Anyone can make you sweat but it takes a specialist in our field to make you better. Get the most of your exercise program and don't just workout, TRAIN AT FLASH!

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