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Work preventively at Flash. Be proactive with your training and do what is necessary to not have to work your way back from an injury or time away from training. Train at the highest level so that you function at the highest level and if your an athlete, you will compete at the highest level. 

Flash has a full-size basketball/volleyball court, 3,000 sq ft of turf and a 1,000 sq ft weight training area. Among the many other things Flash offers they now have a complete cardio area with a variety of cardio equipment and a 15 yard, 15 degree incline ramp for strength/speed training.


Flash specializes in meeting the needs of their clients. We provide a sports performance experience like no one else. Meeting the needs of our athletes and our personal training clientele is no easy task. We keep up with the latest techniques and develop our own special protocols to fit every individual that walks through our door. We treat every person that walks through our door as if they were our only client. Developing that motto isn’t something just anyone can do, but the truth is that everyone that walks into our gym deserves that treatment. If you are willing to dedicate yourself to work hard and become an all around better person and/or athlete, we want to make that possible.

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